Daniel Halliday is a multi-instrumentalist from West Yorkshire, UK. He has previously worked under the aliases Motodestra and Pictureville but uses his own name for solo guitar work.

Daniel’s first album, Motodestra (self-titled) was released in 2005, to excellent press from the All-Music Guide, NY-based The Big Takeover and Hot Press (Australia) magazine, in which Motodestra was named the “best album to have missed our shores in 2005” by Ari Stein.

After an EP of acoustic music under the name Pictureville, Daniel decided to take a different approach to composition and recording for his first solo guitar album, First Signs.

First Signs (October 2008) was recorded in real-time, without overdubs, using a looping pedal to create rich, atmospheric layers of sound from a single guitar, and has already been favourably compared to The Durutti Column, Brian Eno and Ry Cooder.

Daniel released a solo acoustic guitar album called Haunts on Bandcamp in 2013.

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